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A Friendly Reminder About Life from Roy Mustang


Roy Mustang's famous line about people at times.

The heroes you worship may not be that righteous. The villains you abhor may actually be the ones to follow. It’s not always your fault. People can turn out bad because of outside forces that are affected by another layer that blankets them. Life is never that simple. People aren’t always aware that they too can fall into the same bias and traps that the people they don’t like go through. 

Though this is what makes us interesting and why it’s important to study human behavior.






Next time a blocked number calls you answer like this: “Jim’s whore house. You got the dough, we got the hoe.”

Why does this not have any notes?

lol no “Nashville sperm bank, you squeeze it we freeze it. how may I help you?”

“Henderson’s Morgue, you stab em, we slab em, this is Eight Ball speaking.”

“Texas crematorium you kill ‘em we grill ‘em how can I direct your call?”

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